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Accreditation of medical schools

The main purpose of the accreditation system is to ensure the production of competent graduates to practice safely and effectively under supervision as interns, with appropriate foundation for lifelong learning and further training.

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The Registration Department of the Sudan Medical Council is a department responsible of the registration of doctors, dentists, pharmacists and specialists, in the different registers which include:

Exam Schedule

  • Jan: [10/24] Medicine, [22] Pharmacy, [11] Dentistry, [18] Provisional
  • Feb: [7/14/21] Medicine, [19] Pharmacy, [15] Dentistry [22] Provisional
  • Mar: [7/14/21/28] Medicine, [19] Pharmacy, [29] Provisional

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Doctors' Oath

The Law of the Medical Council stipulates that all graduates of the Faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry shall take the oath in the presence the Secretary General of the Council. Before completing the preliminary registration procedures, the Secretary General of the Council gives a sixty- minute presentation.


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