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The Law of the Medical Council stipulates that all graduates of the Faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry shall take the oath in the presence the Secretary General of the Council. Before completing the preliminary registration procedures, the Secretary General of the Council gives a sixty- minute presentation that includes the following concepts:

  • The human right to health, the humanity of the profession and the fairness of its application without societal, economic, religious, ethnic, political barriers.
  • The concept of patients' rights and its components.
  • The concept and determinants of good medical practice.
  • The terms of doctor's professionalism and the of social bond between the profession and the community on the one hand, and the doctor – patient bond.
  • The ethics of medical practice and the respect for the heritage of society.
  • Biasing the weaker segments of society and doing what is possible to support them and defending their right to quality health care.
  • Medical team, coordinated and integrated work to provide the best for the patient.
  • Work in a resource- limited and challenging health system.
  • Limits of professional practice during the houseman ship period (preliminary-registration).
  • The concept of continuous self-learning and the need to keep abreast of developments in the medical field, according to standard treatments and prescribed medicine and to be able to implement that.

Before taking the oath, each physician is provided with a copy of the Sudanese Medical Council Law, the Medical Practice Ethics guide and the Good Medical Practice Guide.

The Oath